At Anant Jeevan we go to various slums in Delhi and encourage parents and children to go to school regularly. We identify school going children and motivate them by given them stationeries and study materials. We also identify children who do not go to school and council with them their parent to encourage them to send their children to school for a better future. Last year we were able to distribute study materials for children in various parts of Delhi. This year we hope to reach out to at least 1500 children who live way below the poverty line to give them hope and encourage them to not give up on education.

SCHOOL beckon: Children at a slum in New Delhi were excited and so were other underprivileged children from various parts on India. Some want to become doctors, others computer geeks.

Anant Jeevan is able to distribute note books pencils and many other stationary items to encourage the children, the Anant Jeevan team also encourages the children and their parents, that education is the way out of poverty and to live a stable life. Some of the school-going children who received school books and stationeries from Anant Jeevan.

Muskan , Lucky ,Ragani ,Rahul ,Arjun , ,Khrishna ,Khishan ,Sanjana ,Anjali ,Priyanka ,Abhishek ,Anu ,Akshay ,Sarita ,Shiva ,Baby ,Sapna ,Kamini ,Amar ,Nandani ,to name a few.

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