“Inspiring Change”

Anant Jeevan Foundation

A Project Proposal on Enhancing Employability through Basic education and Vocational and Skill Development Training among Tribal Men and Women, Adolescent Girls, and Youth members of various districts and States and plans to start ground work in the fiscal year 2016.

The Problem

India’s youth faces serious problems of unemployment and underemployment. The causes are legion and include dropping out of high school because of poor or no education, needing to support one’s family at an early age, a lack of information on the job market, and, most importantly, not possessing the basic skills required by employers today. Many youth engage in daily wage work unaware of the opportunities available to them.

What is the Anant Jeevan’s Institute’s role? 

The Anant Jeevan Institute for literacy, education and vocational training will be set up to help provide individuals with practical skills. The aim is to create sustainable skilling programs for employment in industry and to foster entrepreneurship. The objectives are as follows:

To provide vocational skills training and subsequent job opportunities to underprivileged from economically disadvantaged backgrounds of the Tribal community.

  • To help build confidence and develop the foundational skills needed to succeed in the professional world.
  • To meet the labour demands of high-growth sectors in India.
  • To create entrepreneurs through mentoring and financial support.

Anant Jeevan would provide Vocational Teaching Learning Centre in Prominent Areas, Some of these are:

  1.  Auto and auto components
  2.  Building, Construction and materials
  3.  Electrical
  4.  Tailoring
  5.  Beauty
  6.  Social business
  7.  Basic computer
  8.  Electronics and IT hardware
  9.  Food processing
  10.  Transportation and logistics
  11.  Furniture and furnishings
  12.  Leather and leather goods
  13.  Plumber
  14.  Mobile repairing
  15.  Electronic and IT hardware
  16.  Real estate service
  17.  Farming
  18.  Cash crop
  19.  Poultry farm
  20.  Dairy farm
  21.  Horticulture
  22.  Gardening


Why is Vocational Training worth considering?

Vocational training offers training for specific jobs. Since vocational training often begins in high school, students can graduate prepared to take a high-paying, skilled job immediately. Graduates of trade or vocational schools have an advantage over informally trained job-seekers because an independent organization certifies that they have the skills needed to successfully perform a specific, skilled occupation.