Anant Jeevan Foundation has been working in Loni Gaziabad , in a colony called Nasbandi Colony’s, its present cannot be captured without knowing its past. It happened more than twenty years ago. Sunhera Khatoon, the mother of three children, does not remember the year they moved from Seemapuri. Her youngest was a girl of six when Ms Khatoon went for the ‘operation to get sterilized’. Six months later, as promised by a government policy, she was awarded a small piece of free land. The Government did this to address the population problem. Around five thousand underwent birth-control operation for 50 square yard plot at Buddha Nagar, in neighboring Uttar Pradesh. Many poor people lapped up to this scheme to gain free plots. Buddha Nagar became known as Nasbandi (sterilized) Colony.

We have been working in a school which has been struggling to function properly, we have also provided assistance and volunteers to work from time to time with the school in Loni.

Many children have been mainstreamed into formal schools.  Free Basic Computer Training has been introduced for the students of Class 2 to 5 and new computers are been installed for them through generous contribution. Free Music and singing classes are also going to be provided to interested children regularly.

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